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History of Taabea Herbal

...our roots and what makes us!

The ancient times herbology was very much an art rather than a science,records of herbalists practices were and incomplete,often filled with subjective judgment from individuals own experiences and also the tradition of passing the more valuable knowledge about herbal medicine only to direct descendants within the family greatly limited.The development of herbology into a benevolent science,master herbalist Li Shi-zhen vowed to break this stiffing tradition.He unselfishly compiled the first Encyclopedia of herbs in the 16th century from which Chinese as well as western herbalists learned and benefited.You are going to benefit very soon too by taking Taabea herbal mixture and capsules.

The use of herbs by most traditional households in Ghana is not a strange thing. Most people add one or two herbs, roots and plants and come up with a mixture for the cure of a particular disease. The household mixture which was potent for the cure of malaria and was soon to be called TAABEA was no exception. Over time when its efficacy was determined it became a popular demand for neighbors.

Before long, the torchbearer of this great vision, Dr Christian Kwasi Agyeman, decided to produce this on a large scale for the benefit of all. The idea to start a company was birthed in 2008. This was started with a capital of GHC 100 which ably funded the production of 9 cartons of Taabea with just Dr. Agyeman and his younger brother Gideon Agyeman. With time, a few people came on board and increased production to 25 cartons. The company has over the years, seen a tremendous increase in production from 9 cartons to over 10,000 cartons monthly. It has also employed over 150 workers in the community and beyond.

Taabea Herbal products are mainly for treating various ailment such as malaria, typhoid, jaundice, fever, menstrual pains, menstrual disorder, candidiasis, general body pains and loss of appetite.

Today, TAABEA COMPANY LIMITED is a limited liability company focused solely on the production of herbal medicine in Ghana.  Its production and demand started in Kumasi and within months spread across the country. Taabea has subsequently become a household name within the country and beyond. It is known in most African countries and it is gradually taking grounds outside Africa. Taabea’s efficacy for the cure of malaria cannot be matched on the herbal terrain.

The Company has received numerous awards from various organisations and institutions namely Kumasi Polytechnic, KNUST-NUGS, Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) and Ghana Federation of Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association which endorsed by Ministry of Health (MOH) Ghana & World Health Organisation (WHO) and Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council of India.

Now Taabea Herbal Mixture is a household name herbal medicine in Ghana.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide remedy for various ailments prevalent in our societies. We hope to achieve this by improving on our knowledge in the use of herbs, plants and roots to provide effective medicine for different ailments through scientific research.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of people by developing safe and effective Herbal Medicines and to educate people on the potency of Herbal Medicine to build interest in its use.

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